Selling Your HDB Property: Listing on HDB's Resale Portal

  1. Process of selling a second-hand HDB
  2. Marketing the property
  3. Listing the property on HDB's resale portal

Selling Your HDB Property: Listing on HDB's Resale Portal

Selling your Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in Singapore has been made easier thanks to HDB's Resale Portal. This online platform simplifies the selling process, providing an all-in-one solution for HDB sellers. In this guide, we will explore how to list your property on the portal, ensuring you leverage its full potential.

The Benefits of the HDB Resale Portal

The HDB Resale Portal streamlines the entire transaction process, integrating various checks and procedures in one platform. From registering your intent to sell, through to submission of the resale application, the portal provides a simplified, user-friendly experience.

Preparing for Listing on the HDB Resale Portal

Before you can list your property, you must first register your intent to sell on the HDB Resale Portal. HDB requires sellers to meet a Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), typically five years, before they can sell their flat. Ensure you have met this requirement before proceeding. 

Listing Your HDB Property

Once you've registered your intent to sell and fulfilled your MOP, you can list your property on the portal. Provide a detailed description of your flat, highlighting its features such as size, location, and renovations. High-quality photos can further enhance your listing, attracting potential buyers' attention. Remember, the more details you provide, the more appealing your property will be. 

Using the e-Service for a Seamless Process

The HDB Resale Portal provides an e-Service to help you manage the selling process more efficiently. This includes an integrated eligibility check, and tools for submitting documents electronically. You can even schedule appointments with HDB through the portal, making the process seamless.


The HDB Resale Portal provides a convenient platform for sellers to navigate the HDB selling process more efficiently. By registering your intent to sell, listing your property effectively, and leveraging the portal's e-Services, you can ensure a smoother, more streamlined sale. 

This is one of many other marketing activities for listing your HDB for resale. To learn about the other steps for marketing your listing, check out this step-by-step guide

Teresa Heng
Teresa Heng

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